Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Needs Are Simple And My Wants Are Few

I'm all dressed up, spiffy-like today. I'm on a mission from God. (Don't tell God, he'd be really pissed to find me as his representative.)

Not only am I wearing make up but...*GASP*...a dress. Granted, it's a dress that I got for $5.00 at a rummage sale but hey, I think it came from somewhere special at one point in its life. (I'm such a brand whore!)

ANYWAY, I got dressed to the nines and THEN took the dogs for a walk this morning. I had visions of tripping in potholes or falling over hedges but the worst thing that happened is that I felt like I was competing in Westminster.

"And now, the competition for the best butt sniffer, all the way from Duluth, MN a duo team of mentally retarded Corgis that have managed to escape the small bus..."

Yeah, I'm not an expert at how the announcements go at Westminster but I'm sure I'm pretty close.

I must admit one thing this morning: THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVAH!!!!!!

And I've only been awake for an hour or so. Not bad, eh?

I love the innernets. I got a ton of birthday messages even before I got out of my jimjams. And I had a bunch of text messages too.

It made me feel so warm and cozy.

I can only recall a couple other birthdays that made me feel so nice. One was when I was at a different job and unbeknownst to me, they planned a potluck and everyone brought in delicious food and it was a really nice party. The other time, my co-workers at the very first real job I had gave me special things that reminded them of me. Not store bought anything, just special things. A good friend gave me a seashell that made a lonesome sound when you listened to it and by feeling lonesome for just that moment, she realized how many good friends she had in the universe and what a lucky person she really was.

Or at least that's the explanation she pulled out of her butt when she handed it to me.

I loved it because in something so simple, she found the heart of me.

If it weren't for the times that we felt alone and powerless, we would never appreciate what we really have.

What do I want for my birthday? Nothing. I am the wealthiest woman I know.

I have wonderful siblings, beautiful friends, fabulous kids and four stupid pets that make me smile every day.

I am blessed.


JB aka JayBee said...

Happy Birthday! You deserve some happiness after the events of the last year. Congratulations on the name change.

You are emerging from the darkness. Know that your readers share in your happiness today.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Ms. Tina Montey Harkness, Happy Birthday to you!
Now imagine a giant 4 tiered birthday cake decorated in your favorite colors with Faires, Angels, Roses and lots of Unicorns and and let us not forget tons of miniture yarn skeins and lots of little knitting needles. 41 candles all lit up making the cake seem like the 4th of july. Close your eyes and make a wish, oops - all of the sudden you realized all you major dreams have come true! Now you get to wish for Norm and his team to come a knockin'!
Tabatha (your friend in Folsom)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday tina i am so happy you are having a good day , you are very special i knew that cloud with a silver linning was just around the corner love mom

moisha said...

Happy Birthday mom!

My phone isn't with me at the mo'... so I'm sorry I can't call right now. I will when I get it back.

I'm glad you're having a good day! Enjoy it with all you've got!

Nutty Knitter said...

I give you the gift of if you eat that birthday cake, you won't have any intestinal issues afterward. Maybe a bit of gas and discolored poo if the baker uses too much food coloring but THAT'S IT!

Happy Birthday!