Saturday, October 17, 2009

A $2 Dress Beats a $5 Milkshake

Perhaps it is my freakishly long neck that makes my head appear so large but for some reason, these photos make me look like I should try out for the Alice In Wonderland movie coming up.

Hey, I wouldn't need any CGI alterations!

The sparkles don't show in the photo either but they exist. I promise.


Now all I need is a good pair of dress shoes. Maybe I'll go hog wild and visit Goodwill!

I really do love this dress and for $2, I'd say it was a good deal. Now I just need a couple more places to wear it!

Perhaps shopping at Cub Foods? Or as my son assumed as I got this photo taken before we went to the movies last night, perhaps I should wear it to a screening of Zombieland?

Or maybe I can wear it while working out in the garden? I foresee a long pair of black gardening gloves, like Kim Woodburn only sexier?

Maybe I could wear it to the food shelf?

Nah, then they'd think I was a freelancer on First Street when actually I'm just a pharmaceutical rep.

I usually wear my $5 business suit for those transactions.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! My recommendation to complete your sparkly self is to find/borrow/steal some long shiny earrings that kiss your shoulders. No necklace to detract from the kicking tattoos.

No one will even notice the shoes.

Maybe even a tiara... lite on the diamonds!

I do believe there is even some body lotion with sparkles in it that would be super cool - but you might be sparkling for weeks afterward. : )

JB aka JayBee said...

You look very fit in that dress. Good find.

Your hair is cute too. I was amazed when I learned how hair wax can really allow you to sculpt a short haircut to match your attitude for the day/night/event.

Enjoy your upcoming event, you will be sure to turn heads.