Saturday, October 24, 2009


There will be no angst in this post. I de-angstified myself and am now to the stage of stopping every now and then and just shaking my head.


It is my goal to put Martha Stewart to shame. I mean, really, isn't that everyone's goal? Even if it is for 15 seconds on a Saturday morning?

I'm going to give a class in interior decorating:

How to coordinate your pets to match your new floor!

The new floor is down and extends from the living room, through the dining room and into the kitchen.

It has been inspected and the craftsmanship has been found to be absolutely stellar (Corgi's are known for their ability to judge things with a highly critical eye, that's why the Queen has them for pets.)

It has been a learning experience for the dogs in how to run through the house. Great bursts of speed are now a dangerous proposition.

It has definitely made the rooms look bigger and it has brought a certain zen like state to all involved.

It has even caused a new behavior pattern which involves me, suddenly dropping to the floor and grabbing the camera.

I'm really glad I'm not getting a new toilet...


superiorfan said...

My parents dog had the same problems when running thought the house after they had a similar flooring installed. Her run from chair to chair turned into a comedy of errors. Enjoy the new entertainment center.

JB aka JayBee said...

The floors look great. I bet they will be a hundred percent easier to clean.

I always find it amazing how the same exact space can have an entirely different feel after you change up the elements in that space.

Best wishes from Minneapolis, I'm off to the acupuncturist for more needles and donkey skin tea.

Marty said...

Yeah! There is a good feeling when a person gets something just right. The floor looks great! I've always liked hardwood floors. I like the look and the feel of them.

In my first house as an adult we took up the carpets to expose the hardwood floor, and that was great, but once when I was 'skating' on the floor while wearing socks I got a HUGE splinter in the ball of my foot. Ouch! it was about half the size of a pencil - half the diameter and half the length.

It came out easily though, and the wound healed nicely.