Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not Impressed

Just a little subliminal message from the school district in Never Never Land where my daughter now goes:

Welcome to your class called "Family Life". This is in conjunction with our "Abstinence Only" curriculum...

See this square peg? This is you. We will pound down your edges to make you fit into the mold that we find acceptable. We will deny statistics. We will click our heels together and say that we ALL live in a perfect world. Since teenagers don't HAVE sex, we don't need to discuss birth control. We just need to make sure that they realize that they will burn in hell if they even think about the opposite sex and call that good. (But for god's sake, don't think about the same sex because that is CERTAINLY a one way trip to the eternal furnace of damnation.)

And mommies and daddies always stay together. It is the way that it is SUPPOSED to be. No matter what...mommies need to realize that it is in the best interest if the children to stay together. It is called sacrifice. Women must sacrifice everything for the daddy because the daddy is in charge.

And daddies always love their children. They never hurt their children. They don't call them stupid. They don't beat them with belts. They don't grab them by the shoulders and slam them against the wall. And daddies never, never come into your bedroom in the middle of the night.

See? Everything in Never Never Land is perfect. And that's what we're going to learn about in class today children...all about the perfect families that you should have but undoubtedly, none of you do.

We're all about self esteem building here. Are you feeling good about yourself yet?


Marty said...


God I hate being Mr. Silver Lining but at least we bleeding-heart liberals managed to keep the family life part of it. You may be surprised how reasonable that part is. Some places only get the Abstinence Only part, and my feelings towards those people are very deep and very negative.

Please let me know if I am being intrusive here. I don't mean to be.

Anonymous said...

Not 10 minutes ago I was reading about the quiverfull movement and how it is now in my area of California. Pretty much says, yep Daddy is the decision maker, the breadwinner, the wife is the womb. She should not be a sexual object but should be available for sex. Feminism is the death of womanhood and all females in the work place, divorced, or gay are going straight to hell during the rapture. Hmmm, sounds yummy! FUCK those people! I can't believe these women are allowing us to be driven back 100 years! We just got the vote in the 20th century for petes sake and these people want us back in long dresses and bonnets pumping out babies! Oh shit, now the schools get to teach pretty much the same out of touch bullshit! Joy Joy Joy. I'd better stop now before I get really nasty. As always, thinking of you and yours. Best wishes for happy windows!
Tabatha (friend in Folsom)

Debbie said...

No worries Marty, it's all good...

Marty said...


I think at any one time about 20% of any population are authoritarian followers, and those are the people you are talking about. For a time here in the US, because of complacency and backlash against Clinton and because the moneyed powers backed the GOP, and that attack of 9/11, those people ran our country. Well they ain't gonna do that again, not for awhile anyway.

It is a shame the authoritarian followers will never go away, and it sucks that we always have to fight them, but we have the future on our side, and whether anyone likes it or not time only moves one way, and those who drive focusing on the rear view mirror always crash and burn.

The GOP would like us to feel like we are powerless and we are in the minority, but we are neither.