Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stand Back Ladies! This Winners Taken!

So, here is the phone call I received from my lawyer today.

Yes! I received an actual phone call from my lawyer! Legal communication from the wilds of whatever wilds lawyers communicate from...ouch. That sentence sort of ate it's own tail and now my brain hurts.

ANYWAY, the divorce papers have been signed and the actual document went to his lawyer to fix a couple of simple typos. Perhaps the typos were put in there on purpose because it gave them the final power in submitting the document to the courts.

See where I'm going with this? Bueller? Bueller?

The paperwork has not been submitted to the courts yet and my lawyer got a letter from his lawyer today. Guess what children??? He wants me to take him back!

Wait a minute now...let me put that in a way that will convey how I reacted...


No, wait a minute...that didn't cut it either...

THE $*&$()!#$*&@&!!! Mother ^$*(#(@)!*#&!!!! WANTS ME TO TAKE HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously....that doesn't even convey my emotion properly...

Yes, the reason why I'm still waiting for my divorce from a cheating pedophile while clinging on to my house by the skin of my teeth is that he has now apparently found Jesus and wants to reconcile with me.

My lawyer said she wasn't sure if I would burst out laughing or start screaming when she read the letter.

So now, I get to wait for the legal response to get back to his lawyer that not only am I not interested in reconciling, my expectations of him, after his 10 years of court appointed "Stay the hell away from us" will be that he never tries to contact any of us. WE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM SO JUST LEAVE US ALONE.

I can promise with 100% certainty that he is working through his frickin' 12 steps because guess what? I read that book too! I know exactly what you're trying to do. You're doing it because you still have no fucking idea that what you have done is so incredibly awful that you just need to go away. That's why you're in prison. Prison is for people who have done awful things.

I literally drove home from work, primal screaming "FUCK YOU" until I think the windows in the car were ready to shatter.

There have been four things in my last ten months that have absolutely rocked my world:

1) My husband was cheating on me
2) My husband was a pedophile
3) My husband showed up in court and sat next to the child he molested and said she had to keep his name
4) My husband thinks that I would even, for one single solitary nanosecond, consider his proposition.

The killer of it all is that my response will once again allow him to play the victim. "Oh poor baby, he just wants to make it all better and that big bad woman is making his life sooooo hard!" I'm sure that it will be the topic of much boo-hooing in his therapy sessions.

My concept of forgiveness still stands. I drop my shit, you drop your shit and we both walk in opposite directions.

At this exact moment in time, he is lucky to be right where he is, surrounded by pedos and murderers and psychopaths because he's a hell of a lot safer than if he was free.

As I stated before when I read the book about sexual addiction, it was totally wrapped around the perpetrator and had a scant two sentences regarding victims. I do, however, recall in the 12 steps that reconciliation should only happen if it wouldn't emotionally damage the people that have been hurt, even more.

Guess what that means?

It means that he doesn't think he's done enough damage.


Bad Cat! said...

Oh... my... fucking... god!

Marty said...

I think a simple WTF?! sums things up nicely.

I don't know if this will help but I will offer it up anyway.

You are now the one in power over your life, including in this relationship, and this letter proves it. You have the power. Maybe it will help to remind yourself of that now and then.

Or maybe I am totally clueless, but I think maybe you need some time to really feel your own power. As always, tell me off if I am full of it.

Anonymous said...

No, wait! SURE... you'll take him back. Yes. Of course.

Guess what, "huny", while you were gone, I bought us a little houseboat. Let's start it up and go fer a ride on Lake Superior...


While you have been gone, I've mastered the art of hunting large game with deadly - but silent - weapons! : ) And I sold our house to buy a cute little cabin in the deep, dark woods. Oh, and careful when you sit down on the outhouse seat - there isn't one.


While you were gone I've had to rent out rooms to make the mortgage. You don't mind sharing our happy little home with Billy Bob, Clyde, Thor, and Amos, do you?
Oh, no, sweet lips! They WEAR those chains... And we have all decided you get to sleep in the basement. On the floor. Sorry. We ran out of blankets...


Our first stop on the ride home will be a beach party and BBQ with all of MY friends...

Maybe Pedo Man will read this and get the HINT that its best for him to disappear on his own.
Game Over.

amyroz said...

Big surprise - he is still not living in the real world is he? Glad you are....

Kerry suggests he could "prove that he really loves you by castrating himself...." ???

Love from SAN FRAN!