Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Talking The Talk

I made it through Monday. We'll see about today. I like to believe that anything can happen, which includes being kidnapped by aliens.

Oy vey. I've been up since 2 a.m. Synapses are misfiring...

New job has nice people but bad coffee. Hmmmm. Perhaps when I get into the swing of things, I'll bring my own thermos.

I'm going to check in with the college folks today and figure out the classes to take. It will be another three weeks or so before I can sign up since I'm a new person and new people get the lowest priority on choosing classes. Underwater basketweaving, here I come!

I've actually sat down and mapped out all the classes I need/want to take before moving on to a university setting. I guess the only reason I'm going in today is to confirm my choices and get a few questions answered.

Now, my puzzlement begins when it comes to talking to someone at the fine institution that I want to continue at. I have called them four times and dropped three emails. No response.

My next tactic is to send them an email and say that I have 8.9 million dollars to donate to their institution and see how many minutes it takes for them to get back with me. Then I'll get to say "Well, ACTUALLY, I just want to TALK TO SOMEONE."

I had a couple of occasions yesterday at work to tell my quick bio. Talked about kids. Talked about pets. Talked about school. When people responded to my story with "Well, I'm divorced..." I just smiled and shook my head yes. Interesting...very interesting...

I am the Virgin Mary and my children were products of immaculate conception and we live in a barn on the outskirts of Duluth. You know, the one with the perpetual star over head?

I also kept pretty mum when it came to "So, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?" Everyone is going to the relatives and cooking a five ton bird.

"I'm going to eat too much and fall asleep in front of the television," was my reply. In other words, nothing out of the ordinary at all.

When the IT guy checked in with me as to what my email address should be (officially, I'm using that damn hyphenated name for legal reasons), I gave him my bestest brightest shiney eyed psycho smile and said "Never use the S-name. I don't like the S-name."

Yup. I think I'm fitting in just fine!


Marty said...

Funny you should mention anything can happen. I've been trying to catch up on 30 years of quantum mechanics research. In general almost anything *can* happen, but most of then are very extremely unlikely.

Moving on, in my work experience it is a LOT easier to fix bad coffee than it is to fix bad co-workers.

And I'm an IT guy, and speaking for IT guys, we don't really care what your userid is, as long as it fits into our bizarre system of rules. On the other hand, if you are female and/or you make a pun or you are otherwise clever we enjoy that very much, because our jobs tend to be very dry, tedious, and boring, and femaleness and/or cleverness are always good.

Note I speak only for IT guys. I'll let the IT females speak for themselves.

Marty said...

Oh, yeah, the immaculate conception actually refers to the conception of the virgin Mary herself.

No, I am not Catholic, although I know and approve of many Catholics. It is just that I have intentionally loaded my mind with trivia in order to prepare to win the big bucks when I am on a game show.

I have never actually been on a game show, nor have I ever applied to be on a game show, but as you say, anything can happen.

superiorfan said...

Hmmmm, Interesting your blog must have a gravitational pull toward IT guys. Must be as Marty said your cleverness as opposed to our dry and boring jobs

I started out in the thrill ride a minute world of Accounting so IT was a big step up in level of excitement. Spend a few years in accounting and 20 years in IT will seem like Disney Land everyday.

Should note good coffee helps.

Anonymous said...

You could volunteer for a few hours at the DECC and feed the masses. Kind of fun, your son might like it, and it gives a different perspective on a day for giving thanks.

superiorfan said...

Working the Thanksgiving dinner at the deck was a very rewarding experience. I have not done that in the past few years but will again in the future. One of the most memorable was the year I was put on as a greeter. Welcoming people and hearing bits and pieces of their lives and hearing thank you time and again was a very humbling experience.

superiorfan said...

DECC it was early this morning and I was typing before drinking coffee.