Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Harkness Family Christmas

Everyday, I check the court records on the internet. I check them to see if chuckles and knucklehead have turned in my divorce paperwork.

Yesterday it wasn't there.

Today, it was.

My divorce papers are now in the hands of St. Louis County.

I was told that it just depends on how busy the judge is as to how fast the papers will get signed. A fair estimate would be a month.

This means that I could be divorced before December 19th. Before the first anniversary of the beginning of this journey.

This means that the Harkness Family might officially and legally be "The Harkness Family" by Christmas.

There is no amount of manufactured crap that you could buy in a store to equal just how fantastic this holiday will be...


Anonymous said...

Be hopeful and keep checking the court records. It will show up there before your attorney gets a copy to you. We had one get processed in about a week and a half recently.


Anonymous said...

Best Wishes for a FAST signing! Prayers and thoughts coming your way!
Tabatha (friend in Folsom)