Friday, November 06, 2009

Talking Back

It's always interesting to check in on the keyword searches that bring people to this blog.

Every month, over 200 people are looking for Tracy Shaddox or Tracy Curtis Shaddox. A large amount seems to come from one person so obviously, it's someone that doesn't understand the concept of "bookmarks". Or perhaps it's someone who doesn't want her husband to know that she's still obsessed with Tracy Shaddox. I don't know, just a theory.

There are also people looking for actual victim impact statements. I'm glad when they come here and I hope they find what they need.

The phrases that I'm more puzzled by are ones such as "You rustler on roller skates, reach for the sky wise guy."

Or the disturbing "Bizzaro Porn Pedophilia". Hey you? I hope your wanker rots off. And the person looking for "Debbie Does Incest?" I hope someone chops your wanker off. Perhaps this is the person that sends me constant hateful comments that I keep deleting?

I'm always amused by hits for "cheapass suits". Are you looking for them? Is there a company that actually calls themselves "Cheapass Suits"? -Now with 99.99% petrochemicals!

I don't even want to know why someone would be looking up "Cooking feces".

For the person who was looking up "Duluth, Found Corgi"- if you found a lost Corgi, email me! I would be happy to babysit until the owner is's like Corgi Playschool around here!

For the person wondering if Shark is served anywhere in Duluth, well, does anyone know if Shark is served in Duluth?

Whoever is interested in inflating their wife like Violet Beauregard, I sincerely hope this had something to do with Halloween.

Many people seem to be concerned about Norm Abrams being sick. Someone else is wondering if he's going through a divorce. Has Norm been losing weight or something?

Apparently there is someone who wants to know how a pedophile stays sane. If you're a pedophile and you have never gotten treatment or disclosed to anyone, you can't stay sane on your own. Start off here. You need help and if you know you're having problems, you know you should get help. You are not only responsible for your actions, you are responsible for your treatment.

Yesterday's search for "Tracy Shaddox, child molestation, 90 months in prison" was oddly specific.

Another search asked "When does it start to snow in Duluth". The answer to that is, IT NEVER STOPS. I believe historically, the only month that has never seen snow in Duluth is either July or August. Bring your woolies.

And as far as "What movie tastes like rainbows?" Well, it depends on what drugs you take before you head out to the theater.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure no one would approve of this, but I've been silent through every one of your "holier than thou" comments about me. You don't know anything about me, yet you seem to think that you are in my head. Yes, I do read your blog most days, and yes I have googled Tracy Shaddox many times since he went to "prison", but my motives are quite different than what you perceive. But reading your blog, that's not surprising.

I have looked up Tracy Shaddox from time to time because I am curious as to how far his true identity is getting out there. I would wish him to never have a stable life again. The more his name gets out there with the tag of "pedophile", the more likely this will follow him the rest of his life and make every semblance of normalcy impossible.

I have not talked or seen Tracy since March. I cut all ties with him when I snapped out of whatever I was under and realized what a hideous person this man is, inside and out. Now the only thing I feel for him is disgust and loathing. Disgust at what he did, disgust at the justice system for giving him (in my mind) such a lenient sentence. Disgust every time I see his mugshot where he is all smiles and happy because he's in a treatment facility instead of prison. And yes, I like seeing his first mugshot where he actually looks dejected. He looks upset that he finally is going to serve time for what he did.

You can think of me what you will, he did cheat on you with me, but you can't punish me any more than I have punished myself. I am completely disturbed about my actions, and have lived these past months in a fog of guilt and shame. I, unfortunately, have continued to read your blog and look up Tracy Shaddox because of the self-hatred I have felt. I have felt that if I remove myself too far from the situation, I might forget, and I can never forget. I am far removed from the person I was when I first got involved with Tracy, which only makes me look back and wish that I could change the past. I wish I had never, ever gotten involved.

I won't go into anything else involving my state of mind or my relationship with my husband. I'm sure I've given you enough fodder up to this point to twist around to your liking.

So there you go...judge me if you must.

Debbie said...

I hope you find peace. I hope you're doing what's right for you.

Anonymous said...

I just threw up a little in my mouth. Cant lie.

Debbie said...

Since I was the one dragged into your twisted lifestyle and your poor choices and my husband just happened to be the second person that you cheated on your husband with, the fact that you think I'm acting holier than thou is comical. Yes, you're right. I'm acting holier than thou. I don't think it's right to cheat in a marriage. If it's so bad that you want to cheat, you need to get out or fix what's wrong.

And moving on with your life? Go for it. Seems kinda ironic when you're stopping by here all the damn time.

Now I've gone and done it! I wasn't going to play into this bitch fest...I'm just sick and tired of a person claiming that they're moving on when they clearly aren't

Anonymous said...

Not to jump into the oar boat of movement and forgiveness here, but I wanted to add that Duluth has seen snow every month of the year. Well, maybe not every Duluthian has SEEN the snow every month of the year as many of us cling to our denial even though we are wading through 4+ feet of snow on Halloween while forcing our young children to ring the neighbor's doorbell for more candy and MAYBE some of us missed the white flakes up over the hill in July because we were distracted by other white flakes at the time...

But it is a fact. 12 months of snow. True. Just ask Denny.

Denile. Isn't that a river in Egypt? Just wondering out loud...

Anonymous said...

Why not post her comments all the time? We could all have a bit of fun with the "self loathing" little bean turd. You were very kind in your last response, however, I would not have been. She is someone who loves drama. She knows she won't forget, she'll live it again and again and get off on it. She put her baby girl at risk and cared for no one but her self. So, in my very humble opinion, she needs to GET A LIFE! a REAL LIFE! One that does not involve another womans husband, pedophiles and cheating on her own poor husband. She needs to take A LOT of parenting classes and get A LOT of marriage counseling. She needs to get her butt kicked in court by her husband and lose her little girl. That child deserves a mother that will protect and love her above her own disgusting wants and desires.
Tabatha (friend in folsom)
P.S. I threw up a bit too after reading her bullshit!

superiorfan said...

Wow, she really needs help in moving on and taking care of her own problems. She sure was not concerned about you (or your children) when she was carrying on with your STBX. So why is she commenting on your blog and interested now?

Recently I took my first look at World of Warcraft site to see what it was all about. Ya a computer guy thats not into computer games unless you count fantasy baseball or my Atari 2600. Weird I know. Getting back to world of warcraft I remember this but it was the 80's and with books, maps on paper and dice called D&D. We played this back in Junior High. Looks too time consuming my advice to her is spend your time with your child.

Anonymous said...

Just a little FYI...that first puke in the mouth comment was from me, Cara, the delicate oh so warm and fuzzy friend.

For the "search stalker moving on with my life but stuck in this blog cause I cant/wont/dont wanna let go but I know all the right words to say from years and years of therapy" lady.... Go away. Please.

There. How is that for warm and fuzzy.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this "Debbie" but she really did you a favor. She fell for his bullshit and he fed off it. His attention was on her and he dropped his guard and got caught. Now you are moving on and she has to live with her stupidity. She risked her marriage, her kid, for him?? Yeah, I would have some regrets and some self-loathing too.

Here is a message for her…

GET OVER YOURSELF!!! You knew what you were doing when you got involved with him. You even knew what he was and you still stood beside him. Don’t even presume to understand what “Debbie” and her kids have been through. And don’t you dare start the poor me crap. I hope every time you look at your daughter you remember the danger you put her in. You deserve your misery. Roll in it for a while and then get some help but don’t ask us to feel sorry for you.

And for her husband…

Take the kid and run because she will do it again.

P in Michigan