Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tasty Eye Paint!

When one works at a job that is the equivalent of a root canal without anesthesia, what should one do when faced with the prospect of four entire days off?

Why, one should Paint! Paint! Paint!

Which is the equivalent of a root canal with anesthesia...

Now I used to have a job in which I was actually paid to paint. That wasn't so bad because it was aboard a 1000 foot LNG tanker and when I would be painting, the majority of the time, I was on deck. Taking a breather every now and then and having the opportunity to look up and see the dolphins and whales and every now and again, a mysterious submarine, well, that took the edge off. Painting the kitchen and mud room are a little different.

Now, I have to say, when it comes to my house, it looks like a scene from Scooby Doo. Whether it is the horrible wall paper or the nasty green carpet, you can just stand there and wait for Velma to come around the corner. We've been trying to make things better as time and budget allow, which means things are pretty haphazard and half assed at best. The only room in the house that has been painted and carpeted and curtained is my daughter's room. And then we got a new roof and for some reason a huge crack developed in my daughter's ceiling. Right through that beautiful faux finish paint job.

The bathroom was the first painting job I took on. The floor is still the nasty wood beneath the nasty carpet that we took up three or so years ago. By the time we get a real floor, the walls will need to be painted again (and we will no doubt get paint on the new floor).

The latest project was painting the new mud room that we acquired when we had the house sided this spring. I want to turn our mud room, living room, and kitchen into a tasteful, organic, Martha thing. The color that I chose for the mudroom was called celery. I would more or less call it electric celery. It is quite bright. My husband was good at disguising his displeasure when putting on the sun glasses to look at it. "Well, it looks like something..." he observed.

The kitchen will be a lighter shade of green (I hope). So light it will look white (I hope). Right now it is primed and I will probably spend yet another day off this coming weekend painting it. In a fit of whatever fit I was in, during the painting of the kitchen, I walked through the dining room and grabbed the corner of the loose wallpaper and gave it a tug.

I hate wallpaper.

I hate wallpaper that is falling off the wall even more.

But only some of the wallpaper was falling off the wall and of course that ripped off until it stopped ripping and started sticking again. Wallpaper! It's modular! Who knew?

I'm starting to realize that the style of decoration in my house is somewhere between belligerent frat boy and drunken monkey.

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