Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Power is frightening...

Now a few posts back, I mentioned the plethora of police-type folks traveling in packs and appearing to harass those folks waiting at the DTA. The day after I posted that, the mayor came out to announce that there would be much laying off of police-type folks. Almost a shift worth.

I am indeed frightened by the power.

Ironically, there has been an apparant crime wave in the central hillside of two (2) women accosted late p.m/early a.m by men they didn't know who had nefarious intent. The first woman was almost raped but managed to get away with minor injuries, the details in the second incident are not being released. My observation in this case is, let's keep an eye on how fast these cases are taken care of. I have only had one personal and one peripheral instance of police work in Duluth but I was not incredibly impressed. Was it because they are horribly overworked? Was it because the cases weren't serious enough? Or was it business as usual? I have no idea but my story is as follows:

In the summer before my daughter entered fourth grade, she was accosted while walking on the sidewalk by a guy in a car who tried to lure her into the car. Thankfully she had the knowledge to run home and tell me right away. I went to the police station to report it and was told that several incidences had occured in Lakeside where I live over the past few weeks. When I asked if they had told the public what was going on, I was told that they thought it was better not to "stir things up". Perhaps they had a better reason than this, but I certainly wasn't let in on it. I never realized that letting parents know that a pervert was trolling their streets was "stirring things up"...very interesting.

My peripheral police story occured when my friends got their new truck stolen. The police were called, they took the report, then told my friends that it was very likely that their truck would never be found. My friend then thought of calling OnStar which was a freebie in their truck for 6 months. OnStar informed them that their truck was parked three blocks away.

Hey Miss Marple, do ya need a job?

As I say, I probably have a totally skewed outlook on this issue but when I hear people bitching about everything going to hell in a handbasket because of the lay offs of 11 employees on probational status, I have to scratch my head.

I'll shut up now.

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