Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Time for a trip to the Butter Barn...

It just might happen that I will be going to the MN State Fair this year.

This has been a goal of mine since we moved here in 1995.

I’ve lived in three different states and MN definitely has the best PR campaign for their state fair. They also are one of the few states that has not had declining attendance for the state fair over the past few years.

So I am very excited. My kids are looking forward to the fair and a visit to a movie theater afterwards to see a show that is not playing in Duluth. They might bring a couple of friends and that would be sweet. They can ride the rides, eat shit on a stick, and see their movie. I on the other hand can visit the knitting dispays, visit the animals, see the beekeepers and their bees, and eat shit on a stick. I will probably not pay money to see the movie for myself though. It is an animae movie that doesn’t necessarily turn my crank. I may see a different movie that runs at the same time, I may sit in the car and knit for an hour and a half, or I may see if I can find a local coffee or book store.

An hour and a half of quiet before driving back home with a car full of kids on a sugar high? It’s a good thing.

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