Sunday, November 26, 2006

Warning: Three days of quilting can give you a dull glassy look. Oh wait! I looked like that to begin with...

It was a long weekend of getting things done. The felted mukluks that have been sitting on my sewing machine in need of leather bottoms? Done! (I had to finish them to get to my sewing machine.)

The most hated sweater of Satan? Done! It is being blocked right now and I managed to delete the photo I took so it'll have to wait. It is for my son and I will catagorically state here for the record that I will never knit the Elizabeth Zimmerman "percentage" system sweater again. The decrease at the neck is terrible. I wondered about this since you decrease in three different rows spaced a certain distance apart. This might work with a sweater that has a yoke design but my son's sweater is all one color. I did read in Knitting Without Tears that she had knit these sweaters all in one color without any considerable loss of life so I soldiered on. There were also notes in the Opinionated Knitter from Meg Swanson on how she has discovered that when she knits the larger sweaters, the three rows of decreases at the yoke tend to pucker so she now knits the larger sizes with four decrease rows. Since I was knitting this sweater for a 28" chest, I didn't think I would need the four decrease rows. So I finished the sweater with three decrease rows and a bind off head hole that goes along with the percentage system of EZ. The yoke is puckered, the head hole is passable but smaller than what I would have wanted. Guess what??? I have my own sweater formulations that I have knit three sweaters from and they have all fit like a glove. I know that EZ is supposed to be the knitting guru and I truly enjoy her writing and my Tips and Techniques DVD with her and Meg, but I will state this again...I can put together a pattern better than the last three EZ patterns that I have knit.

There...I've said it. I'm sure the knitting police will come and pull me over. I'm sure I will burn in the lower rung of hell. All I can say is that EZ was very open about not following a pattern blindly. I am going to say that this includes her patterns as well.

I have been working on her Tom Tom jacket this weekend as well. I am knitting to gauge and I am knitting the baby size. It appears that it will be large enough to fit a toddler. Hmmm.

On to other less frustrating things...I finished my scrappy quilt top after three days of sewing. Most fabrics were from my microscopic (not kidding) fabric stash. I have a couple of yards of fabric for the back but I'll need a small border on the back to make the fabric a little bigger. It is a queen size with 4.5 inch squares.

I think I'm blind...

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