Friday, February 23, 2007

Hello Hollywood???

Inspiration has struck me today.
I am going to start a screenplay.
A screenplay about a woman my age. A woman who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome.
A woman who also had an intestinal bug a few days previous and while getting over the shakes and the quakes, can’t seem to kick the unending splatterpaint d├ęcor that is known as "mudbutt".

I will then place my heroine in an office building where, for some strange reason, all of the women’s bathrooms are being renovated, worked on, torn apart, or made unusable, all on one particular day. The day that I like to call “The Great Purge”.

I will name this epic, “The Brave Little Sphincter”

No, I will never reveal the source for my story. That would be getting WAY to personal.

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