Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

So what does one do when there is a winter storm watch on the weekend? Why, one travels from Duluth to Minneapolis...very very slowly.

To take the child to the art class

I particularly liked this room at MCAD...

And after dropping the child off, departing to visit the Crafty Planet

And visit friends for coffee (no photo, we were too busy talking!)

And then back to pick up the child for the three hour trip home

It was a little snowy in our neighborhood too

But I did get some fun fabrics and books at Crafty Planet

I got this one at Barnes and Noble...

And since I haven't had a lot of crafty content lately, here are the crazy quilt blocks from last weekend that I made...

And the double layered mittens I finished after MONTHS of sitting in my to-do pile. That's handspun alpaca on the inside. Mmmmmmmm. Alpaca.

Notice, I didn't mention how I spun my car around once on the highway, went into the ditch/median, spun once more, and then using my incredible spidy-like powers of vehicular momentum, I flew up onto the roadway again and proceeded on my merry way. My daughter, ever the cool, on cue kid, gave the double thumbs up to the car of appalled onlookers who were passing us as we suddenly appeared on the road beside them.

I don't like to brag about my super powers.


Knitting Momma said...

I love the mittens. Did you use a particular pattern? And I'm glad to hear you're all safe - the same storm hit Omaha this weekend, too, and HK said the roads were best left untraveled.

Rebecca said...

Good grief! I too am glad you were able to recover so well from the spin-out.

I'm reminded of a memorable trip to Duluth I once took -- 32 years ago. (Yikes!) I had decided to quit college and my boyfriend enlisted the help of his friend-with-a-car to come pick me up at my dorm in St. Joseph (near St. Cloud) to bring me back to Duluth with him. Unfortunately, there was a blizzard happening outside. Even more unfortunately, the driver of the car decided it would be a really good idea to take a "short-cut" through J. Cook State Park.

What a nightmare! Blinding snow, sliding around corners with cliffs on either side and no guardrails. It took us SIX HOURS to get to Duluth!

What a great trip! ;-)

SCarrGo said...

OK, share the mitten recipe, you!

My car has not left the garage since Wednesday...I'd like to say I'm on vacation, but it seems I have entered the snow removal business. The pay is crap!