Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The soundtrack of your week

Now, when I tell my husband that I need to find a new job before I kill someone, I don’t REALLY mean “kill someone”. Just to let Homeland Security know, fantasy and reality are two different things.

But isn’t fantasy a wonderful thing? If it weren’t for fantasy, I’d have no real life.

So, in lieu of workplace violence I have decided to create five separate playlists on YouTube that help me to describe my frame of mind on any given weekday.

The video aspect of it doesn’t really apply for me since I listen to music via an earphone while I work so I’m really all about the music. And if you actually listen, you’ll discover that I listen to just about anything.

This is a work in progress and I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Perhaps you don’t hate your job as much as I do, perhaps you are a lucky lucky person.

Ugly Monday

Sad Sad Tuesday

Impossible Wednesday

Tenuous Thursday

Kick Ass Friday

Kind of reminds me of the day of the week underwear.

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SCarrGo said...

Yeah, "kill someone" is a phrase I use a lot, too...for our Homeland Security friends, I like to advise that in my world, "kill someone" can be loosely interpreted at "give them a dirty look", or "mutter something mean under my breath, when safely out of earshot" I'm such a wus...