Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm an Elf Damnit!

We have to be very quiet. Just nod your head and pretend your a mage. I'll be an elf. We'll just hang out here and no one will get hurt...if anyone in my family asks, we're playing World of Warcraft because by saying that I'm going to do that, I CAN FINALLY GET SOME TIME ON THIS FRICKIN' COMPUTER!!!!

OK, I feel better now.

Well my lovelies, the sale...

is over. We did very well. And guess what I did during the sale? I scored the happiest moment at any garage sale ever. No! It wasn't my garage sale, it was a sale a couple blocks away. My friend watched my sale while I went to another garage sale and I scored this beauty for $5.00

I am referring to the desk. It may sound incredibly simple (and simple minded), but I have not been as pleased about something in YEARS! Yes, I have a sewing area which is in the dining room and I suppose it's "my" space but for some reason I find layers and layers of other people's stuff all over my sewing machine. Anytime I want to do anything creative, I need to dig through the layers. I don't know if I'm Martha Stewart or Indiana Jones. But I can do actual stuff. You know, STUFF! I can sip coffee, read a book, or puruse some kicking patterns I found when I was sorting through the donations for the garage sale. Check out this pattern from the year that I was in kindergarten

It has been used

but I have gotten in the habit of transfering all of my sewing patterns to quilting template so that I can use them over and over again and not worry about those delicate little pieces of pattern papper.

I decided to make the whale and frankly, aside from a current blindness, I think he's quite cute.

I could just say that he's a cave whale and through thousands of years of evolution, he has lost his eyes because he never uses them in the dark. Yeah, I could just see putting that on a card and donating it to the hospital pediatric unit. "Sorry you've broken your leg, here's a blind whale to keep you company." Maybe I could start making teddy bears that wear helmets and adult diapers. Yeah, that's me, I got the milk of human kindness flowing in my veins.

I did find some old towels that someone had donated and they were kind of stained in places but I recycled them into baby bibs today (along with ones made with some fun zakka fabric from Japan).

and I also found a pretty cool pattern in the book "Homemade Crap For Your Baby". Well, I may have misremembered the title but it's four feet away from me right now and I am, how shall I say, lazy.

Anyway, it's a changing pad that has a towel on the inner surface and fabric on the outer surface and pockets that hold a million and one baby wrangling items. The whole thing closes and can be slipped into a diaper bag. I want to make a couple at least for our Charitable Crafters Christmas project. Anyway, the fabrics and towels that I chose are as follows and I found them at a particular store that I am loathe to go into and which usually has horribly cheap merchandise made by small foreign children. It neither rhymes with Larget or Hopko, but instead sounds a lot like Sprawl-Mart.

Oh, just as an FYI, it's probably not good for your reputation if you are in such an establishment and you say really loudly "Hey look! I'll bet this shirt was made by an 8 year old on the edge of a jungle somewhere who's been chained to his workstation for three days with no food or water while fending off malarial mosquitos and typhoid. And for 9.95, it's worth it! After all, what other things could that child have to do but to contribute to the economy!"

Yeah, you know how some fabric speaks to you? Well, mine weeps with the tears of a thousand children. But DAMN! Those colors ROCK!

Oh no, the family is starting to suspect that I'm not playing the aforementioned game...there are whispers in the other room. Whispers of revolution and revolt.

Maybe I should send them to find that child on the edge of the jungle...

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amyroz said...

I think next year it should be tagged the "rockin' rummage sale"... Looks like the table found it's place in your humble corner!