Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Getting fleeced

Wow, it's Wednesday already and I haven't spoken a peep about my rockin weekend at my friend Kathy's farm/yarn store/fiber extravaganza.

She's kind of near the cities and we went down for the day. First of all, her house and farm is something out of the movie "Big Fish", almost surreal in its perfection and beauty.

She just had this painting delivered and it was still a bit wet. It will be varnished and hung at the end of her barn along with the name of her store "Shepherd's Choice"

There were sheep before the great shearing of ought seven

and the same sheep a few pounds lighter

I almost crapped when this truck opened up the back gate

Of course I was just there to see Jennie, we seem to run in the same circles which is just a cover for the fact that I am totally stalking her. I also got two more Jennie mugs...It's all a part of the ruse.

There were also a couple of my favorite juvenile deliquents peddling their very tasty sewn and quilted goods

There was a perfect dye shed

and lots of color choices

I chose red

As always, I am constantly amazed at how some people cannot RELAX when it comes to doing something creative. I've taught a lot of knitting, spinning, and fiber related classes and usually it is the women over 55 or so that have had the creative spark in them totally destroyed by people stomping on their creativity their entire life but I witnessed so many people in the dye shed completly unable to LET THEIR HAIR DOWN. There was a woman that kept asking her husband and sons for "help" with her tie dye. She couldn't have been much older than 30 and I wanted to lean across and say "A quadrapeligic might need help to tie dye. A person with arthritis might need help to tie dye. You my dear? You just need to remove that damn rod from your ass which is severly poking your corpus collosum and perhaps, just perhaps, your creativity center will once again get a little blood flowing back into it." But I didn't. I think I just muttered something helpful like "Jesus Christ lady!". Then there were the two women that were upset because their tie dye didn't do what they wanted it to do. And then there was the woman who told her son that they weren't going to even go into the dye shed because he might get dirty. Sigh.

This is what I came up with

The ladies that were leading the dyeing said that people were commenting on how they loved the dress and they asked who made it. They told them "it was a very brave lady".

I had to laugh at that and then, in retrospect, I thought it was a very sad comment. Red isn't brave. Tie dye circles aren't brave. Those other people were just limp noodle wusses. I just showed up and had fun.

I almost forgot the kissable llama!

Since our fiber extravaganza, my female child has "graduated" from 8th grade.

She decided to wear her cosplay costume on the last day of school, complete with platinum wig. Can you pick her out?

Here she is, my little shrinking violet.

And hanging with her possee, or possums, or whatever the hell they are calling them these days (I say as I shake my fist in the air. Damn! I just knocked my walker over!)

So, what did my child wear to her 8th grade graduation?

Why, this shirt of course!

When a friend of mine who sat behind us told her 83 year old companion that my kids were geniuses, he took one look at her shirt and said, "yeah, she's a real genius alright."

Best line EVER...

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