Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Karmic Relationships

I had an interesting conversation recently with a new friend of mine
who happens to have end stage cancer. We were talking about the people that
move in and out of our lives and how we rarely stop to actually think how
these people have changed our lives. She spoke in terms of blessings and that
filters into my ears and changes into terms of karma, but I knew
exactly what she was talking about.

I’m certainly not a party girl that gets invited to all the special
events in town but I have such a wide circle of incredible friends that there
are times that I have to stop and take a deep breath to comprehend just how
lucky I am.

One of these gems found its way back into my life yesterday. I ran into
my son’s head start teacher from 10 years ago and was astounded all over
again at what a fantastic person she is. She is a life force and is so full
of positive energy that she fairly glows. She is now working with homeless
families and helping to get them into housing and we were throwing
ideas out to each other as to how my Charitable Crafters group could help her
families. I had to hurry off to a meeting so I had to cut our
discussion short but I walked away from it and just had to smile.

Another person that I’m always referring to when I give my speal for
Charitable Crafters is one of my volunteers who is over 100 years old
and absolutely brims with humor and energy and love. She knits the same
pattern over and over because her eye sight is too poor to read new patterns
but she keeps active and feels compelled to make things to help people in her

And the people that I surround myself with, people that I sit and knit
with, go on yarn store pillages with, and spill my guts out to all seem to
have that undeniable quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) life force that can
move metaphorical mountains. As I contemplate this, I just hope that a
little of that is rubbing off on me.

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