Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Animal Farm

Allow me to introduce you to Shigure, or as I like to call him, Shuggie.

He is a Pembroke Welsh Cori

He is very cute, adorable, and I must admit, has the most wonderful waddling walk I have ever see.

My friends warned me I would be smitten, and I am.
In order to illustrate the state of animal relations in my household right now, I would like to offer you this poem:

My cat? She is nowhere to be found.
She walks like the ghost
on little cat feet.
She leaves steaming brown biscuits
for me to find
in odd places.

There is a disturbance
in her force.

1 comment:

gtr said...

Omigoodness, so cute... How's the new carpet holding up to the "cat force"? Good luck! Meow.

And, yes, I am grateful for blessings and karma and good people in this town, even if I'd still like to connect with a few more...