Saturday, May 12, 2007

What Does a Shepherd Harvest?

I am EXHAUSTED! Exhausted but triumphant. I rented a van and some of my band of merry knitters headed down to Shepherd's Harvest in Lake Elmo, MN.

After a couple hours of travel time, we got there early enough for a tasty breakfast.

Shepherd's Harvest is one of my most favorite annual events. There are sheep dog exhibitions, fleece judging, honey makers (I love me some bee keepers. I was a bee keeper in a former life. Or perhaps I was a bee. It's all a little hazy and the electroshock therapy make it really hard to remember) and my most favorite potter!
Jennie The Potter. I met Jennie at the Northwoods Fiber Retreat and we talked, er conned, her into making knitting coffee mugs.

Now, she's making these fabulous plates, bowls, and magnets!

And she's expanding her inventory to include quilting and sewing, which, of course, I had to get a sewing mug and bowl today.

I then took the class to make this basket. I've never made a basket before and I need a new hobby like I need a hole in the head, but the basket is beautiful.

So, it started like this...

And involved a little of this

We couldn't put the medallion design on the side during class because the basket has to dry first. I'll finish it at home tomorrow. Very fun!

I then ate a lamb burger and some fried cheese curds because I'm all about the healthier food options...

And it was off to visit more vendors.

I met a wonderful young girl that did collage art. Her mom was a vendor with wool and I saw a piece of her collage art on the table and it really caught my eye. I ended up purchasing these three tags to put in an altered book I am working on about the women in my life

I'd encourage you to visit her blog
and etsy shop. She really struck me as being quite a remarkable young woman.

Oh, and what else did I see there today?

Big wheels

Jensen Wheels

Needle felted bunnies roasting carrots around a campfire

A needle felted camel

And then it was off to see the sheep shearing. I love the look on this sheep's face. I felt an immediate bond with this animal when he looked me in the eye and seemed to say "You and I both know that this situation is AB-solutely ridiculous!"

And this llama? Oh yeah, he's the hottest shit in town...

And this sweetie? She's just a flirt.

But after all that we did and experienced today, I'd have to say that my favorite thing happened near the end of the day when I happened to stumble upon my pet of choice.



Amy said...

Wasn't it fun?? We probably crossed paths at some point and didn't know it. I love Jennie's pottery too and brought some home...she's going to be in the Art-a Whirl next weekend, which I hope to get to.

Knitting Momma said...

I wanna go next year!!