Sunday, June 24, 2007

For This, I shall Clone Myself

Holy Crap!
This weekend was chock full of stuff to do in and out of Duluth.

Friday evening was a cool day as Annie Modesitt came to our guild to speak. Her story on that is here I'm the photographer at the back of the room. Unfortunately, I was very "flashy".

I have a few pictures of the evening

Annie was a delight

And until I can use the computer with red eye reduction I will not be posting the rest of the pictures since Annie is not the demon spawn of all things wooly.

I was also signed up to take her class on Saturday morning but I ended up donating the class as a door prize at the guild meeting since my hands are not cooperating to pick up things like spoons, forks, and toilet paper (don't ask...), needless to say, knitting needles were a little out of the question.

I went with the boy child up to Grand Marais instead and we were planning on going to the Folk School Solstice festival. The actual solstice pagent was at 8 p.m and we were there at 11 a.m and by 11:30, we tired of the festival. It wasn't as large or interactive as we had hoped. Instead, we wandered around town and then came home early. It was a beautiful day and we both had fun, just not the day we had planned for.

I also wanted to go to the Park Point Art Fair and my friend was having her anniversary sale at her knitting store up in Hibbing. I wanted to go and see her and just hang out but the four clones that I have cooking in my basement in the adult sized beakers are not quite done yet.

We did stop at Second Hand Rose flea market on the way home and just looking at the beautiful display of glass, I had to get all flashy again

Just to clean up a couple of loose ends, for those asking about how the pup is doing

He is fat and sassy

and if you're wondering what is going on in the garden front, you can see the artistic shot of my shy hosta in the shade

My "I don't have a prayer" flags in the veggie garden

And I believe I will be revamping the old saying as far as corn being "knee high by the fourth of July" to being ankle high.

Want to come over for corn on the cob in, lets say....October?

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lesley said...

I can only dream of Corn in October in Duluth!!! I am stuck in florida but have Duluth/Superior in my veins!! I live vaicariously thru your blog.
I spent 20 summers in Grand Marais ... and was born in Billings Park. Memories! Have a great summer.Were stuck in the a/c cause ifi isnt raining its 100*
Lesley in FL