Sunday, July 01, 2007

Walking tour of the neighborhood

I found an interesting way to ward off the Mormon missionaries, carry a digital camera. I went on a walk with the dog and I wanted to photograph a neighbor's garden so I grabbed my camera. When I was approached by said missionary, I whipped out my camera and started to take his picture. He froze. I smiled at him and said that I just wanted to get a picture of the judgemental young man that thinks I need to change in order to conform to his view of the universe. He made an about face and wandered off to confront someone far less rude than myself, I'm sure. I never did take the picture.

Speaking of taking the camera around in my neighborhood, my next door neighbors just put their house up for sale. I'll be sad to see them go as they just had their second child and having babies and young children in the hood amuses me.

Anyway, kitty corner to their house?

The sign says that 44 million babies are being murdered by abortion and that it is a bloodbath.

Now, aside from wondering what that does to the property value, there are some freakin' nosey folks in the "aborto house". (If you say it with Spanish accent, it sounds far more acceptable). They are always walking around the neighborhood, checking in with all the neighbors. Now, this might sound neighborly and if you lived in the south, that is what they call it. Being "neighborly" means knowing everything there is to know about what your neighbor is doing and it has driven me to acts of violence in the past. The only time they have wandered up to our house was when we were having our Charitable Crafters garage sale and I suppose that was acceptable although when the wife asked "What are you doing" the temptation to tell the wife that we were performing abortions that were cleverly designed to look like a garage sale, was there. These are also the folks that allow their dog to wander around the neighborhood without a leash as they watch him poop on everyone's lawn. I want to put a sign in my front yard that says "personal responsibility extends to your pets as well, dumb ass". But I suppose that wouldn't be too "neighborly" now, would it?

So, on to our walking tour...

In my neighborhood, the trees are tall, there are often deer wandering down the street, the bunnies and squirrels are plentiful, and there are a disturbing amount of garden gnomes.

I love looking down the street to Lake Superior

And after a little jaunt, we come to the one place in lakeside where all of the mythical creatures can hang out without fear of reprisal

where the entire gardening plan is taken from "I Spy" rather than "Home and Garden". Yes, that is Lisa Simpson jack knifed in the undergrowth.

I would love to say that I know how to decorate with bowling balls. I'll bet Martha doesn't know how to do that.

The people that live in this house are totally creative, cool people that seem to live with their artistic muses on their sleeve. In other words, in my opinion, they ROCK!

A few houses down, I found this

I think I'm going to start a scavenger hunt in my neighborhood.

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