Monday, July 23, 2007

All was well

Daughter finished HP7 Saturday afternoon.
Son finished HP7 Saturday evening.
I finished Sunday (listened mostly to the CD's since the book was TOTALLY BEING HOGGED.)

Also, by listening to the CD's, I could knit. Yes, knit.
And I can actually type today.
And my thumb only dislocated once yesterday.

This is the bag as it appears in the pattern.
Since I am using up scraps of Cascade 220, mine looks a little different.
I made the circular bag because it is bigger but I don't plan on knitting the circular bottom. I'll just put a rectangular bottom on it.
And I don't put on the hard plastic/wood handles on purses that I will use for myself. I am totally a strap on the shoulder kind of gal.
And the straps will be I-Cord, several different strands of different color.
And I will line it with fabric. And perhaps put in pockets. Maybe a zipper too.

Aside from that, I'm following the pattern to the T.

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