Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finally, I'm a calendar girl!

This happened like, a million years ago. Well, maybe not a million years, more like a couple weeks.

But I got an email asking if I wanted to contribute a pattern for the 2009 Knitting Pattern A Day Calendar. Well, since I had submitted a pattern for the 2008 calendar and never heard back, I thought "pffft!" (That is the sound of the air being let out of a very noisy balloon AND my preferred sound of derision. Convenient, no?)

That's when I found out that my pattern was accepted and I am now Friday, January 25 as well as Jan 26 and 27th. That is because I am such an incredible personality, I couldn't be contained by just one or two days! (And I write a long assed pattern!)

Not making any money off this little endeavor but getting some free publicity for my Charitable Crafters group as well as the Northwoods Fiber Retreat, I figure it all shakes out for the good. It would have been nice to get a pattern in a high class publication but hey, viva la revolution.

So, what monumental pattern did I submit? Nothing fancy, that's for sure. But I did write it with my mom in mind. It's for a chemo cap with the dancing ladies motif on it. My mom had breast cancer and then years later, got cancer of the common bile duct which eventually killed her. She was as tough as nails and it was hard to slow her down. Whenever I feel a tad hopeless or defeated, or even a bit overwhelmed, I must admit that I think of her. I then call myself a wimp, pick myself up, and go on.

Because I am so totally opposed to consumer whores, here is the pattern for free!

Strong Women Dance

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