Sunday, July 08, 2007

Please take me back. I'm sorry I drowned the baby, sorry I'm drunk and retarded, I love you anyway!

Hello beautiful!
Here are the chocolates, the wine, the flowers, and my sincerest apologies for a lame ass blog of late. I have been distracted. Long hours at work, lack of ability to get to my damn computers at home, if excuses were horses, we all could ride. Onward.

The fourth of July was actually quite glorious. We escaped to Wisconsin Point where the tourists are nil, the locals are well behaved, and campfires and booze are allowed.

You are NEVER to old to play in the sand!

But afterwards, you have to pose for an art school photo exhibit

Yeah, you're still cool. And don't tell anyone, but your freckles are cute!

I'm Agnes Angst. I don't kiss ass and I don't say thanks.

The younger child is also working on the smoldering thousand yard stare. Not quite there, light, and happiness keep breaking through.

The pup went to the beach for the first time. When he came home he shit copious amounts of sand so I guess that means he had a good time.

After a picnic, some actual swimming in Lake Superior, and a little campfire, we came home before it started to rain. Not being big fireworks people (I have a tendency to calculate the cost of the firework show and then add up the cost of fixing the potholes in my street. I then get a little pissy.) we didn't feel compelled to attend the fireworks display for Duluth. But I must add, I LOVED all the fireworks my neighbors set three in the morning...two hours before I had to get up for work.

And lets end this with some kick ass pictures that my daughter took.

This proves that she isn't a vampire...

Her hooves are well groomed

And beauty, humor, and pain can all be captured in a single shot.

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