Sunday, July 08, 2007

See Jane Sew

I have not been totally without creativity.

There have been purses

With very annoying circular bamboo handles

Awhile back my friend and I found some Dick and Jane fabric at the quilt store in Rush City, MN (which ROCKS by the way! No website, sorry). I saw the fabric, had a thunderbolt moment that you could make it into fabric books, and got totally excited that I was soooo creative. I then turned around and saw that they too had that idea and their book was on display for all to see. Sigh...

Here is my cover

And here is one of the pages

Both of my kids were reading actual books by the time they were four. We were looking at this and my husband commented that he is amazed that he and I ever learned to read. I have to concur but I also remember reading Dick and Jane books in kindergarten and feeling quite proud when I got through one. I'm betting I had rather low self esteem.

My big project this weekend has been the Amy Butler Big Nap Pillow. Anytime I make a sewing project, I have to cut out at least two of the same project as I still consider myself a real novice and if I screw one up, I'll have a back up.

This project took a lot of fabric and I used my stash for 95% of it. I made one with reporduction fabrics

and one with bright modern prints

This has been a response to my friend's daughter. Not knowing what to do, I made her something. It might not make life easier, but perhaps it will bring a smile.

I thought I would give her the reproduction flower but the more I look at it, I think the bright happy colors are a necessity.

I also bought a couple of skeins of Encore yesterday, thinking I would try to knit some socks. I got an inch or two done and I love the color but my hands are not happy.

Sewing it shall be.

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