Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Guest blogger for the day: Shuggie

Many people don't realize it, but being a Corgi is hard work. You don't have the advantage of being a little dog that gets carried around everywhere

(Although frankly, any dog that could be squashed by a mouse trap deserves to be.)

And you can't do the cool things that big dogs can do like drive cars and sniff those de-licious human butts

Instead, you have to be smart. And cute doesn't hurt either.

You have to know how to wake up on a Sunday morning and be just obnoxious enough to let your people know that you need to play, but not so obnoxious that they put you in a box by the freeway.

My owner likes to take me in the car and since my legs are rather short, I let her drive.

I even let her get a coffee at McDonalds because I have learned a very important fact. When owners drive up to windows, the people inside those boxes like to give you treats. Especially when you jump in your owners lap at precisely the right moment so when your owner goes to get their coffee, all the clerk sees is your face. I perfected this move at the bank drive thru and swear by it.

My owner took me to the park.

But not just ANY park

We went to the BEST park!
Throw off the shackles of oppression! Take off the leash!
(when you live in my house, you hear phrases like that a lot)

And if you get there early enough in the morning, you have the whole park to yourself! NO SHARING SQUEAKY BALLS!

You can explore in the bushes

You can stalk the birds

And you can lick the pee spots on the grass...EXQUISITE!

After running for awhile, I recommend cooling off in the shade

When you're ready to go home, just run to the gate, but first, you have to pose for your "City of Duluth Dog Park" calendar.

And now? Nap time! I told you being a corgi was hard work!

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