Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blogging with ADD

I still have not been knitting. I felted my Noni bag awhile back. I took it up to the laundry mat and waited with it with a magazine and a baseball bat (because guns are so damn loud!).

Actually I didn't bring my baseball bat. I have never felt threatened in any neighborhood in Duluth and when people say they don't go here or there in Duluth, I have to give them one of John Stewart's famous "WaaaAAA???" responses. I didn't grow up in Flint, MI but I worked there and lived there for awhile and I spent enough time in Detroit as a young'un and later on while going through training in the Merchant Marine, I graced the scary side of Baltimore with my presence a few times. The Central Hillside in Duluth? Give me a break!

So, the Noni bag was a mixed success. The handle sucked and the bottom sucked. Gee, I do believe those are the two parts of the pattern that I changed. Hmmmm. Note to self, interpretive knitting is a lot like interpretive are deceiving yourself if you think it will ever look good.

So, I've still been sewing. I actually have been sewing more of my fabric grocery bags and I am just about ready to set them free into the world. I've made them with every weight stabilizer known to man including one without stabilizer which I will be washing with a fistful of viagra( cuz even grocery bags need a little stiffy every once in awhile).

I was quite pleased to go to the grocery store yesterday and have enough bags for all of my groceries. Yes, I have no life and this is what pleases me. If I were to die and go to heaven tomorrow (please don't spit your drink all over the keyboard), I would just be standing there rubbing my hands on the pearly gates saying "ohhhh, shiney!". Thankfully though, I will be reincarnated. I will come back as a lightening bug and I'll be staring at my butt all night saying "ohhhh, shiney!"

So, I have a couple more cut and ready to sew. If I can get two made in a row that I am happy with, I just might open an Etsy shop. (I actually think picking the fabric out for them is quite fun.
Please refer to the previous paragraph).

Speaking of fabric, I realized yesterday that my hopes and dreams of becoming a private detective are probably tenuous at best. I found a new quilt shop, only it's not a new quilt shop. It's been around for four years. And it's about 20 minutes from my home. Now, I have to say one thing here, I don't think they are the queens of marketing because I actually do search these things out. I am geared toward knitting shops since I run the Northwoods Fiber Retreat and I send my marketing materials to them but hells bells, I look for quilt shops to visit too!

Anyway, The Country Schoolhouse in Superior, WI is a nice little shop. They have patterns there that I purchased and they have a small collection of reproduction fabris which I happen to have a penchant for. They are nowhere near as comprehensive as the quilt store in Rush City which has a ton of reproduction fabrics, but I was happier with what I found there than what I have found anywhere else in the Twin Ports area.

I also spent yesterday...all frickin' day I might add, taking marketing materials around to the various churches and community clubs in the area for our Charitable Crafters Stuff a Stocking campaign. It's funny but I know a lady that does a lot of grant writing so she's very qued in on wording and she thinks that "campaign" sounds like I'm leading troops into battle. Little does she realize, but that's exactly how I feel. Eight hours of driving around to every single neighborhood in town and all I wanted last night was a cool shower and a cold beer.

It's very funny to gauge the reactions of churches when I walk in. With techno colored red hair, a fair share of first reactions was to arch their backs like a cat and hiss. After I chatted them up and told them what we were doing, they seemed very surprised. Wow, someone who looks different actually is trying to do something positive! And she didn't even ask for the blood of the innocent!

Other churches were very kind right off the bat though. I made a little note on my list of who was naughty and who was a biblical santa. Life is too short to waste your time on people that refuse to like you no matter who you really are.

And that, my friends, is the lesson for today...

ohhh what was that????
***turns head and runs off into the distance***
something SHINEY!......

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