Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Filla is Vanilla

Observances and happenings from last week:

My daughter was not allowed to take an independant language class. She has now been condemned to another year of Spanish. I have signed her up for community ed classes in Japanese and she has begun translating the Anarchist Cookbook into Spanish.

We got through the initial interview for her foreign exchange possibility next year. The interviewer forgot that he had made the appointment and I ended up calling his home when he was ten minutes late. Since his home was over 20 miles away, we started our interview at 9 pm. It was the final day for handing in the paperwork so I wasn't going to let him put us off but he was very accommodating and very nice. And in case they track my blog down and read it, I will commence, from this point on, to only write about puppy dogs and rainbow.....

crickets chirping

yeah, rainbows are everywhere and puppies puke on your carpet. At least my puppy puked on my carpet yesterday. After taking him to the Pride Fest and having him try to eat every single thing on the ground, he came home and deposited a horrible puddle of puke behind the fouton. At least he wasn't emmiting any buzzing noises so I don't think he swallowed anything from the adult toy display.

So, since I am now done with the week from hell, I have committed to designing the brochure and registering people for YMCA Camp Miller Quilt Camp. I used to do that for my job but now there is no one doing my old job and I have wanted to go to quilt camp for quite some time. Reasons why I haven't? I still consider myself a novice quilter and I'm afraid of quilting bullies. Also, quilt camp comes soon after our knitting retreat and money and time off are always problems.

But instead of taking payment for my services in marketing and registration, I am getting a free camp.

And if anyone makes fun of me, I have already determines that I will crawl under my machine, rock autistically, and scream "MY MOMMY THINKS I'M COOL!"

Actually, I think I'm just going to take projects to make for our Charitable Crafters Stuff a Stocking thingie (see what a great marketer I am?). I want to make some toys and crayon caddies, and cell phone holders.

And I am really looking forward to being the anonymous one at the retreat. If someone has a question, they won't ask me. I can just smile as they find the real person in charge...

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