Monday, September 17, 2007

Filthy With Fiber

I'm baaaaack!

The retreat was a blast and I am filthy with photos

Sturgeon Lake was still there and still peaceful. I went on a wander a couple times and took some Blacklock type photos.

It may look like I'm deep in philosophical musings but really I'm just wondering if there are still cookies left in the dining hall.

For starting this blog out as a craft blog, there has been dreadfully little creative content of late.
But there was spinning this weekend. A ton! Well, not quite a ton, more like three pounds.

Three pounds of roving! Of course I wasn't exactly spinning laceweight but I wasn't tying up the QE2 either.

When I got tired of taking arty nature photos and tired of spinning, I decided to take arty spinning pictures

There were also classes

rug hooking


pretty baskets by Nancy

stuff to buy


and of course, hair gel demonstrations

The show and tell revealed Nancy's stunning wall hangings

Lynne's hat, born of the devil

and Ruthie's butt cheeks

In the interest of full disclosure, Ruthie and Lil were heading for the sauna. We do limit show and tell to fibery things...

One thing that we found out was that Lynne and Nancy were packing pork...

This little piggy was named Reginald and was created by Nancy's brother, the artist formerly known as Steve. Nancy was tired of having a big metal pig in her yard (to go along with the 11 foot tall palm tree) and she and Lynne decided to participate in a "Drive By Pigging".

Reginald was loaded in the van

The pork procession began (which is a little different from 'pork processing')

I followed the guilty party to their final destination...

A mutual friend's garden of whom I have previously blogged!

They wanted to leave Reginald on the lawn with the note "You have been the victim of a drive by pigging" but Reggie's new mamma was working in her garden when we drove up. She gave a squee and Reginald's new home was born...

He will join the shark eating the frog

The alligator eating the gnome

The chicken's party

all those bowling balls

and the bastard children of June and Ward Cleaver

When I see how happy Reginald is now, I get a little teary

and now he lives in my neighborhood.

I think I'll have to go and visit him every now and then.

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Senja said...

That looks like fun! I would be interested in the retreat some time maybe, since I live near there too. And there's sauna! Dude, I'm there.