Friday, November 02, 2007

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

How to sound like a racist prick while running for mayor of Duluth:

Mayoral Candidate Charlie Bell:

Q: Do you think crime is getting worse in Duluth?

A: Yes.

Q: Why so?

A: I think people have moved into Duluth that don’t belong here. I think we see people walking the streets that don’t fit the identities, that don’t fit what we normally have, don’t fit the citizens that have lived here for years and years. They do stand out.

Q: What type of people do you mean? Homeless people?

A: No, let me answer the question again.

Q: The question was: Do you think crime is getting worse in Duluth?

A: I think people have moved here from other places in this country. From Detroit, in Mississippi, for reasons that I think we can discuss and talk about. We have more neighborhood concerns. We’ve seen things happen that we haven’t seen happen before in Duluth. We know it. Neighborhoods know it. Why is it happening? I think there are a lot of reasons. One reason, I understand … it’s been said that they get much more for the drugs in Duluth than they do in Minneapolis. People pay more. That’s helped promote this influx of people here. I think our social service program, with public money, doesn’t have the oversight it should have on how it provides funds for people who need it.

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