Monday, November 05, 2007

Two Weeks In Which I Eat Absolutely Nothing

No, not looking to lose weight although that wouldn't be a bad side effect. I am looking to eliminate possible foods that my body might not like. I want to start with a clean slate two weeks from now and then introduce possible troublesome foods and see what happens. I have gotten a few suggestions as to what I might do to help my swollen and aching joints as I wait for my next Dr. Appt. at Che No Insurance Clinic.

Stop eating wheat/gluten

Stop eating refined sugar

Stop eating dairy

Now, combine this with the fact that I try to avoid foods that are acidic due to interstitial cystitis issues. This means I already avoid many fruits, fruit juices, tomato-y stuff, and anything else that I like to eat.

What's this? You ask, but you drink coffee...should you be drinking coffee?

My answer is this: Shut up!

Che No Insurance Clinic has already recommended that I see a rheumatologist and when I called to ask them how much an office call is, I was told that it would be between $100 and $400 and that is without any labs or x-rays. I'll do it if I need to but I did let Che No Insurance Clinic know that I would prefer not to impoverish myself right now. I'm saving that happy inevitability for when my husband keels over face first into his Big Mac with a heart attack. They said to come back in to them and they will paint their face, sacrifice a goat, and chew some peyote to see if they can get any enlightenment on my mysterious condition.

Boy could I ever use a scone and a lattee right now...

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