Sunday, November 04, 2007

Antiques Roadshow

As I sat down to post today, I became distracted. Distracted by another blog that had a link which led me to another link which led me here

Gallery of Vintage Condom Packaging

You must go an look. Click on each image to go to the next. I'll wait right here until you get back...

(humming and tapping foot)

You're back! Now, here is my question. Why haven't I seen anything like this on the Antiques Roadshow? You know there has to be a handful of people in every city that bring in sex related antiques. Sure they've shown the picture sets of scantily clad women that someone found in their attic, but that's a little tame.

You know there is a little table off in the corner somewhere that doesn't have a sign above it that is staffed by a slightly overweight guy in a plaid suit and white shoes. His fingernails are buffed and, how shall we say this, he has been collecting sex related antiques ever since he found what he thought was a miniture hand cranked leaf blower in his grandma's attic when he was ten.

He has perfect teeth and sweaty palms.

And he never, EVER gets on tv.

And the Keno brothers visit him.

A lot.

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