Saturday, December 08, 2007


I spent my day wrapped in the comforting aura of bee nerds and I love bees even more now. I found out that my property isn't too small to have a hive or two but I could also just do nice things to make my bumble bees more happy if I didn't want to totally jump into the honey pot.

And when I said, out loud, in a large group of people "I love to sit and watch my bees", NO ONE LAUGHED! NO ONE MADE THE 'L' SIGN ON THEIR FORHEAD!

My mom was right! I AM COOL!

Well, actually my mom thought I was a nerd.


So, I've ordered "Beekeeping for dummies", I've looked into adding more bee friendly plants, I need to make some sort of water available for my bees, and I need to spend at least one more summer meditating on my belly button and deciding whether or not I want to have 60,000 honeybees in the beautiful soccer mom suburbs.

I, of course, would have to train them to do tricks if I got a hive...they would, say, have to be able to fly into my house and fetch me a beer.

Now, THAT would be cool!

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