Thursday, December 20, 2007

A week of craftability

After working a few hours on Christmas Eve Day, I will be taking the rest of the week off. Perhaps sometime in that period, I will clean my house. Perhaps I will just take the easy route and sell it and start all over again.

But my plan is to get a little forward momentum and start making things for some unknown craft sale in the future. Or perhaps an Etsy shop. Or perhaps just a whole shit load of donations for our holiday project next year.

I have been making things, I've just been both too lazy to take photos and too tired to fight with my family members over access to the computers at my house. All three computers that is.

So, here's the question I would like to ask...when you go to a craft show, what really draws your eye? The things I would be making will be mostly sewn as my hands are still swollen and painful and not allowing me to knit very much.

Are you looking at handmade soft toys? Purses? Wallets? Kitchen stuff such as aprons and potholders? Warm fleecy mittens? Knitting needle holders? Crayon/coloring book holders? Hand quilted crack pipes holders? Bong cozies?

Give me a real idea and maybe I'll make you a kick ass carrier for your air guitar.

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Holly said...

As much as I am tempted by the idea of a bong cozy (hee), I must admit that the crafts that are catching my eye these days are the felted handbags that have felted flowers and designs that are sewn to the front of the bag. I don't think you need to knit these, I think you can just sew them. Have you seen the felted handbags at the Serendipity shop in Lakeside? Those are what I'm talking about.
Hope your hands feel better, enjoy your days off and Happy Holidays! I'll leave you the fuck alone now. :-)