Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solstice Clause

Well, we were going to have a solstice bonfire last night. I got it all ready and bought smore stuff and it was going to be fun.

Then my daughter asked why we had to wait to open presents. If we weren't into the santa thing or the Christian thing, why do we have to go along with the dictates of their society???

Yeah, she's my daughter. Frame what she wants in terms of going against the grain, standing up and being different, and all that crap. And like any feminist, strong opinioned woman I told her "Go ask your father" and like any husband to a strong willed woman, he told her "Go ask your mother".

So the gifts were opened and although they didn't get a huge assortment, they did each get laptops.

So now, perhaps, I will be able to get to a damn computer every once in awhile.

Oh God! Literally, as I was just typing that, I took a big swig of coffee, started coughing, and did a Hollywood spray all over the computer.

The computer Gods are out to get me...

Oh, and I did get a little something too. Season 3 of Dr. Who.

I should have asked for the Tardis USB Hub!

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