Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Embarrasement to Popular Culture

I remember seeing a riff by Jim Gaffigan about seeing movies that had come out a long time ago. Of course you can't talk about them because you don't want your friends thinking you're so lame that you didn't see it when it came out ten years ago.

So forgive me, but I just recently rented Fight Club.

How could I have not seen this movie???? Oh, that's right, I had small children at the time! And I lived in Oklahoma. Yeah, just a word to the unitiated, movies about homemade explosives and 'fighting the power' didn't go over too well in Oklahoma in the 90's. Perhaps they don't still.

But oh my god, I watched it and then immediately watched it again, then I ran out and bought it.
How I love Helena Bonham Carter, let me count the ways. And I suppose Brad Pitt was ok...I guess...

But I can't talk to anyone about it and it's driving me NUTS!!!!

On a more recent note, Torchwood just came out in DVD and I got it from Netflix. And I have now purchased the whole series. It was recommended to me after I let it slip that I am only mildly infatuated with Doctor Who. (And by mildly, I mean I am a total geek. Photos on my Ipod? My children and Doctor Who of course...)

But I'm so glad that I waited to see Torchwood until the end of Season Three of Doctor Who. It's very fun to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Now, here's another great idea for your Netflix cue, Big Train with Simon Pegg. Funnier than any American skit show...

And who hasn't had this problem at work???


Anonymous said...

He's the guy from Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, right? He's brilliant.

amyroz said...

I knew you'd come around to liking Brad Pitt!