Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I left my helmet on the short bus

There are days when I'm amazed that I have the mental capacity to wipe myself.

Take this morning for instance. I take the dog outside at 5:15 and it is incredibly slippery. We had a "heat wave" over the past two days and much meltage happened. Then, of course, the temps plummeted and now we have a skating rink. So, I manage to mince my way back to the house, get my coffee, and walk up the driveway sideways to get to the garage. It's a challenge to find proper footing as I raise the garage door but hey, just another day in Minnesota right?

Next I drive to work on a couple inches of ice complete with huge ruts that grab your car and try to spin you around backwards. If the neighbor knew how close I came to smashing his car, he'd crap.

So, I get to work and I'm getting shit done and all is well. Then I have a childcare employee come in and tell me she stayed at work all night because she couldn't get home due to the ice. She takes the bus and worked late and missed it going home. "And schools are closed today," she adds on the end.

It takes me a second to realize that when schools are closed, our childcare center is closed as well.

"Hey!" I tell her. "You don't need to be here".

And when she goes away, I keep working. Hey, I'm getting shit done!

And a half an hour later I realize something.

I don't have to be here either!!!!

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Tonya said...

Lucky You!! We don't have ice/snow days and work sucks!