Friday, January 11, 2008


I had the opportunity to visit the rheumatologist yesterday to try to sort out why I've been feeling like ten shades of yuck. All I want is some answers and when the doctor starts asking you a litany of questions about symptoms you might be having and you start saying "yes, I have that...and that...and that", ad nauseum, finally you reach the end of the interview and you ask that all important question

"So, what does that all mean?"

And you feel your spirits sag a little when he gives you a wry smile and says "It's something, but what, I'm not sure."

And you get sent for labs. Eight vials of blood.

And x-rays. Of the hands that don't work and the lungs that won't allow you to stop coughing.

And you wait.

Waiting sucks.

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amyroz said...

Just to clarify: Yes - he has had his arm in that far - but it was a cow! The sheep are much less problematic!

He is pretty excited about the bees.