Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saved by Cannibalism

Yeah, I've never been a fan of the musical. There are some musicals that have great songs, and I must admit to really loving "Little Shop of Horrors", but I have never said "Hey, there's a musical in town, let's see it!"

But I did get rather annoyed when the theater overlords in Duluth didn't screen Sweeney Todd. Not because it was a musical, but because it was a Burton/Depp movie. I keep waiting to be tired of that combo, but thus far, I'm not.

It wasn't until yesterday that I discovered the movie was finally in Duluth. I guess the cost to the theaters had been lowered and they brought it to town.

I must admit, there were only about four songs that I liked. My daughter was laughing at me for my frustrated sighs at the more inane musical numbers. But THANKFULLY, there was blood. And Helena Bonham Carter's hair. And ever so delicious meat pies. Now, with 100% more people!

It is really kind of fun to hum this song while I make dinner.

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