Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best in Show

I was up waaaay to late last night. (Waaaay being relative...I won't even tell you how early I usually go to bed. I have a reputation to maintain after all.)

I was up watching the Westminster Dog Show. Yeah, anyone that knows me can just hush right now.

As I told my husband when he questioned my sanity last night, I was just watching for the hot Corgi action.

And to mock and ridicule.

I realize we all have to have hobbies but when you are forking out that kind of money to buy a dog and do all the shows and get all the points it takes to get to Westminster, you could at least get a decent outfit to wear.

And a really good support bra.

I haven't been to the very back aisles of Petco but I'm guessing that they have a rack of clothing for humans called "The Westminster Collection". My sense is that they are 100% polyester and very washable. Of course, there is a big run on the same color jacket and skirt with the white piping that accents every seam as well as the stylin' lapel pocket. It must be a pretty good deal as I saw three women wearing the same hidious outfit.

And I'm all for physical exercise, especially when it's done by someone else, but you must be a realist when it comes to bouncing boobage. If the only exercise you get it running your dog around the show ring and your bra size has eclipsed a 50 DD, might I recommend that you skip the gourmet kibble for at least a couple months and get fitted for a support bra? A Very Good Support Bra?

My daughter and I also livened up the event by supplying the sound effects for each dog as they ran around the ring.

Probably not an activity befitting the show's illustrious 132 year history.

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