Friday, February 29, 2008

My Va-J-J Does Not Vote

If I happen along on one more article about how women are somehow obligated to vote for Hillary Clinton, I will start dyeing super absorbancy tampons in shocking shades of pink and orange and create a lovely work of art which portrays my support for Barack Obama while using the tools of "the woman".

Get the fuck over yourself. I'm supposed to vote for her because I am obligated by my presence of a vagina? Even if I don't like her? Even if I think she's sold out? Even if I'm offended by the fact that she's taken shit loads of money from the health care lobby and wants to come across as the savior for people that don't have health care? Like ME? Yeah babe, I'm sure you'll make all the decisions in the interest of people like me and you won't be beholden to your masters at all.

Let's take this idea to its natural and absurd conclusion...

All blacks are obligated to vote for Barack. Even if they don't like him. Even if they think he doesn't have the experience. They are required by their very blackness to vote for him.

Black women???? Face it, you're screwed.

White men???? Sorry, gotta vote for McCain. It's a requirement, you know. Oh, you're a democrat? A liberal? Sorry, guess you're screwed too.

Yeah, note to all those people who want to pigeon hole us "gals". This includes a hell of a lot of "gals" as well. I will vote for whomever I damn well please. It amazes me when women who have been fighting for women's rights all their lives are now coming out and telling women how we're supposed to vote. "It's OK ladies, just vote like us and everything will be OK. Don't bother that pretty little head of yours!" Thanks June, I think you've been listening to Ward a little too much.

I vote with my brain, not my vagina.


Anonymous said...

Amen. A thousand times, amen.

cowpops said...

You're my favorite non-biological mom.

Or just favorite mom. lol

amyroz said...

There a lot of women planning to vote with theirs!! I am not one of them either.