Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hold Onto Your Hat

I heard on the radio recently that in comparison to prices in the 70's and 80's for things like appliances, we really need to stop our bitching about how high prices are today. I guess there were examples of refrigerators that were actually more expensive back then as opposed to now.

Well, that's great. Now can we compare wages? Healthcare? I'm going to bet that wages have not kept up and let's not even talk about the eleventy billion percent rate hike in health care over the past 30 or so years.

Going grocery shopping over the weekend was a definate slap in the face price-wise. I do my major shopping every couple of weeks or so and I noticed a significant jump in grocery prices. I also noticed that every frozen item I purchased at Cub Foods was slightly thawed.

Another observation? Food that should be refrigerated (alleged food actually, I'm referring to American cheese slices)was displayed in the aisle. Nice warm cheese slices.

Did Cub have a major malfunction with their freezer, realize that it was going to cost a mint to fix, hike all their prices to pay for it, and try to move their product quickly by displaying it in such a way that you had to purchase ten packs of cheese slices just to get around the cheese tower?

Or am I just imagining things?

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gtr said...

Hmm, dunno about food prices. I'm wondering if your daughter got her book signed by Clooney, etc?

Sounded like a great idea!