Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'll Fly Away

A year ago, I suggested a family vacation. There is an anime convention in Toronto at the end of May that is the largest one in North America. Many moons ago, I stayed in Toronto for a spell between high school and college and I must admit, it is my ultimate favorite metropolis.

Ah ha! A chance to intersect my kid's obsession with anime with my desire for a real vacation. Also, a chance to spend money in a country that isn't my own. Lot's and lot's of money since the American dollar is now close to ass wiping status.

We're leaving on May 21 and as I sat down a couple weeks ago to figure out how much the rental van would be when gassed up and getting nominal mileage, the numbers weren't good. I then looked online and discovered that it would be cheaper for the four of us to fly then to drive. And in all honesty, the prospect of driving wasn't all that thrilling for me.

So, I've booked the tickets and we're going to rely on the wonder that is the Toronto transit system to get around once we're there. Ironically enough, the transit system just went on strike a couple days ago but I'm hoping that things will be settled by the time we get there. If not, I do believe we will be hailing some cabs.

Since we are staying at the same hotel as the convention, the kids will be occupied from Friday through Sunday. My husband has one goal for this vacation...to sit at the hotel and drink. I also have one goal for this vacation...to get out and about and not keel over from exhaustion. There were a few days that I considered not going because taking a vacation to a great city and not feeling like doing anything but lying down does not constitute a happy experience for me. But then I thought about the fact that my husband has all the exploratory ambitions of a barnacle. I want to take my kids to China Town. I want to take them to Little India. I'd like my son to visit a real Science Museum. I have this vision of a vacation without me consisting of my husband opening up the drapes in our hotel room and saying "Yeah, that's Toronto...now let's call in for pizza."

I will have Friday through Sunday to see what I want to see. I'd like to see the Textile Museum or the Bata Shoe Museum. I'd also like to visit Lettuce Knits. It is, after all, the local yarn shop for the Yarn Harlot. Since I'm no longer knitting, this can only mean one thing...I am a complete and utter nerd.

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