Friday, June 20, 2008

Never Trust A Cat

In that half awake/half asleep world that we sometimes find ourselves in, we, as human beings, apparantly intelligent when fully conscious, can do incredibly stupid things.

Take, for example, the other night. I reached out my arm across the bed and laid it down upon the mattress. Hmmm, it was propped up on something...some diminutive pile of something...something not too hot...not too cold...hmmmm. I started to drift off to sleep again with this perplexing puzzle tickling my subconscious. Somehow, I knew that my dreams would be haunted my mysterious arms and the piles of something-ness that they found themselves in.

So I shook myself awake but not before I reached out with my other hand and picked up the strange pile.

And even in the gray light of dawn, I was able to acertain that my hand was full of cat puke.

What better way to encourage one to leap out of bed, become fully awake, and run to the bathroom for a skin scalding scrub at four in the morning?

Upon returning to the bedroom, my cat looked up at me nonchalantly as if to say "Hey, I left something on the bed for you...hope you like it."

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Shelly said...

One morning, our dog, a chocolate lab mix, seemed VERY anxious to get outside, and looked at my husband and me with absolute panic in her eyes while we took our usual Sunday Morning Sweet Time to get up.

Finally, she had enough waiting for the people--she jumped up on the bed and proceeded to squat right between our heads, leaving a nice package of poop on the pillows--we barely made it out of the way in time.


Although, I must say, didn't the car barfing wake you up? Or are you one of those zonked sleepers?