Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Sorry, What Was I Saying?

Oh My GOD!!!!
I believe I was hit by the idiot plague yesterday, or perhaps sudden dementia. I know that as we age, we start having memory lapses and I have noticed it since I got my female innards ripped out at the tender age of 32.

But yesterday???? Yesterday was my one way ticket to the short bus. On at least five different occasions I left my desk in a most determined way, walked confidentally a few yards and then stopped. Wait a minute, what was I doing?

Then there was the information I was trying convey and mid-sentence my brain would just shut down and I ended up looking helplessly at my co-workers, dribbling a little on my shirt.

Oh, it didn't end there. Picking up Subway for the family on the way home, there was a five second delay on everything I tried to say. Sort of like a chronic stutterer trying to get their engines revved up. I then tried to communicate that I didn't see any sour cream and onion potato chips on their display and I think I said something like "Oh, potato daughter wants....oh...ah........nevermind."

Finally, and perhaps most unexcusedly, I tried to communicate just who Davros from Doctor Who is (for he is coming back!). I tried to compare him to Darth Vader, part man/part machine and do you think I could think of Darth Vader? DARTH VADER??!!! I actually had to look imploringly at my daughter and say "Star funny..."

Can this be the result of an incredibly low fat diet? I know the brain likes to nom nom nom on some fats every now and then...perhaps I need something to make my brain work better. Like a medicinal ice cream cone?

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Mary said...

On a recent day at work, I forgot how to spell the word "the." I was sitting here, listening to the stuff my boss had dictated onto a tape, and I hit the word "the" and had a total brain fart. Took me five minutes to remember.

Next time, I'm reaching for the medicinal ice cream. ;-)