Friday, September 26, 2008

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Do Next Weekend

It appears that I've only mentioned one of my long distance walks here. A few weeks ago I had a wild hair up my ass and I walked from my house to the aerial lift bridge and back.

Since I didn't die, I decided to do it again only in a little longer format. I did the DAIP 13.6 mile walk on the Munger Trail.

Now? I'm doing the Grand Traverse Hike/Run put on by Midnight Sun next weekend. This time it's a 16.9 trail hike which is far more demanding than just bopping along on a paved surface. I've been out on the Superior Hiking Trail which is where it is held and I really loved it. It's well marked and well tended which are both necessities when I'm out in the woods.

I've smiled and batted my eyes and tried to cajole some friends into going with me. I've been met by everything from "Sorry, too long for me" to "Holy Shit! Are you smoking crack???" So, I will be going alone. They demand that you have a cell phone and a trail map so I'll be using my daughter's cell phone and hopefully, if push comes to shove, I'll be able to hold the map right side up.

Since there are people that hike the Appalachian Trail all the time and do the "Run Forrest, Run!" thing across the country, I hardly think I need my head examined. Unfortunately, I have seen "Grizzly Man" and while I have no plans to go and pet any bears, I do hope, should I encounter one, that he or she doesn't want to pet me.

And now, some travelling music!

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Rebecca Hartong said...

Fear not. Minnesota doesn't have grizzly bears -- only black bears, and they're mellow. This time of year, they're mostly interested in finding food so they can fatten up before they head into their winter dens.

Have fun on the hike. It sounds like a good time. (Honestly. I really like hiking.)