Sunday, November 23, 2008

From The Desk Of Kirby

Greetings Humans,
I am currently transcribing this message while watching my new brother eat my food in the next room. That's ok. I've been eating his food everyday for the past week.

My new mom wants to post a lot of pictures of me and maybe she will today but last night, the digital camera made this really horrible sound and sort of died. Of course, this was after we went to the dog park yesterday morning and came back to some snuggling and ear rubbing on the futon last night.

I really like this family so far. My brother is a little slow and stupid but I'm thinking we're supposed to be nice to him. He likes to sit and behave and show off to my new mom whenever I'm around so that I'll look you know, kinda hyper, but that just means one thing...He is a TOTAL TOOL.

Just down the street is a house with three girl Corgis and even though I haven't met them yet, boy does THAT house smell good when I walk by!

I came from the Cloquet Friends of Animals Shelter and I was there for a month before my new family showed up. My mom knows a lady in town that breeds Corgis and she said after I have something done...what was it? Oh yeah! Nuuuuuder! (Whatever THAT is!) I can come and visit. She says I look alot like her dog's puppies. Maybe I'm even a grandpuppy! Anyway, my new brother and I can go and play with her Corgis sometime. That sould be fun!

I went to the vet on Friday and she thinks that I'm only a couple years old. That means I'm just a little older than my new brother.

Oh yeah, there is also a small grey creature in this house that doesn't do anything but hiss at me. She lives upstairs most of the time but when she comes down I like to chase her because I think it gives her the opportunity to develop a philosophical cognition of life and death. Yeah, that's me. Always here to help!

Well, I'll sign off with one more photo of me taken by the Cloquet Animal Shelter. There are a lot of other cats and dogs there. Maybe you should check them out!


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