Friday, November 21, 2008

Double Your Fun

This last week has been an awful blur. Normally when one part of my life is crazy, I can at least fall back on another screaming "SANCTUARY!!!!" Well, both work and home life have felt like diarrhea in a wind storm and no matter where I stand, I end up covered in shit.

Home is a good sort of insanity though. Last Saturday I took the dog outside to do his business and our neighbor was out with his new puppy that they had just got at the Cloquet Animal Shelter a couple days earlier. He was talking about getting her and in the course of his story, he mentioned how odd it was that there was also a purebred Corgi at the shelter too.

"Oh really?" I mused, slowly backing away toward the house. "Well, gottagonowseeyoulater bye!"

And by the end of the day, we had taken Shuggie up to Cloquet to meet his new big brother. At the time, the shelter called him Lenny but to me, Lenny is a used car salesman in a polyester suit. We had talked before about what we would name a second Corgi and since they are obsessive about eating anything off the carpet, we determined that we would name a girl Roomba or a boy Kirby or Hoover. Well, we got us a Kirby.

Kirby is about four years old and is in need of a good snipping of his tasty bits but we'll take him back to the shelter soon to get that done. It's really interesting to see the difference between a neutered male and a full package. Shuggie occasionally marks when we walk, Kirby marks EVERYTHING. Shuggie, unfortunately, is a little (or a lot) stupid and feels the need to sniff REALLY close when Kirby is doing this. Results? Golden showers and stinky muzzles.

Kirby goes to the vets today for a once over. I might take them to the dog park tomorrow, EARLY, so to avoid other dogs. He is a bit aggressive toward other dogs but since we've gotten him and I've been walking him and trying to go all Dog Whisperer on his ass, things have gotten a little better.

The cat however...the cat is not amused.

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Rebecca Hartong said...

What? No pictures??
Congratulations on the new pooch -- and happy days for Kirby, having a new home with another Corgi to fool around with.