Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Name Thee...

Today could have been incredibly horrible but instead it was only mildy horrible.

The creaky wheels of justice have been kicked into motion today and hopefully two things will come down on my soon to be ex husband's head next week...divorce papers and a visit from the police.

In honor of taking a big step in the right direction, my daughter, son, and I sat down tonight to discuss the all important name thing.

We went through suggestions, searched the internet, and then came down to where we, as a family of nerds and geeks always come down to: Sci-fi and Superheros.

It was a real emotional release to just get stupid and silly as we wandered from German names to French names to Klingon names. Believe it or not, German and Klingon aren't all that different.

But as we were snorting with laughter my daughter suddenly piped up with "What about Harkness?"

As the young ones say these days OMG!!!

It is a relatively normal name without being Smith, Jones, or Johnson.

It represents an incredibly cool, gorgeous, strong, and immortal guy named Jack.

And when she said it, all three of us froze, considered it for a heartbeat, and then simultaneously agreed.

Harkness Wins!

The best part of it? No matter how many times he dies, no matter how many times he gets hurt, he always gets back up, dusts himself off, and kicks some alien ass. I feel that this is incredibly important.

And the runners up being Constantine, Nightingale, Sparrow, and Fleecy Pete all had some sort of opposition.

We did determine though that someday, we need to get a shelter cat and name it Fleecy Pete. That is definately a name that cannot go to waste!

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